Cool Pictures from our Fishing Trips

Newport River Work Boat Heading out to Newport River to plant some Cultch with a reglassed work boat. Keeping your boat hull clean and free from organic growth is important to reducing fuel costs. If you can pull your boat up everyday, or dry dock it, clean it off with fresh water to keep maintenance costs down.

Company Logo Our Company Logo on a Reglassed Workboat.
Underwater Clam Harvesting Underwater Clams settling in Tagged Baskets before Harvesting on one of our Company Leases. If you Allow the Clams to settle and adapt slowly underwater they will filter out any additional sediment which may have been ingested during harvest.
Cross Rock Newport River Checking out a New Location for oyster samples from "Cross Rock, Newport River" which was opened by the NC Marine Fisheries for a short period of time during Oyster Season.
Cross Rock Oyster Sample This is a small sample taken from the oyster rock to check the quality of the meat. The oyster was extremely salty but poor due to lack of phytoplankton and current flows at his exact location. Even the way a Oyster is stationed on the bottom can increase or decrease his full feeding potential. If he/she were repositioned at a better feeding site with simular salinity it's meat would be thicker and healthier.
Cross Rock Oyster Sample Deeper Here is another Oyster sample retrieved from the same area in deeper water. Obviously the deeper waters in the channel had better current flow for which the oyster could eat more readily available phytoplankton.
Marl Planting in Newport River It was a calm day in Newport River, and the water looked like glass. The location for which I am anchored was a previous marl planting site in 2009. The Marine Fisheries planted over 5000 bushels of Marl as a natural oyster spat collector. Due to different predators, and a orange sponge that softens the shells, the oysters have thinned out quite a bit. Those that have survived are good for breeding.
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  • Cross Rock Newport River
  • Cross Rock Oyster Sample
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  • Marl Planting in Newport River
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